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Potter Heigham riverside

Norfolk Broads Boat Hire March 2019 Newsletter

Easter Holiday 2019.
Spring has sprung and Easter is not that far away now. The recent unseasonably warm weather may have ignited your desire to come out of winter hibernation and if so, we still have a great selection of Easter breaks available from just £68 per person. These are just a small selection of available boats
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Boat Name

Nights Sleeps Dates Cost Per person Boat images
Humber Bridge
3 5 20th April £399 £80

Humber Bridge

humber bridgeIS.jpg

San Julian
3 6 19th April £475 £79

San Julian.jpg

San JulianIS.jpg

Brinks Lullaby
Barnes Brinkcraft
3 8 20th April £1012


Brinks Lullaby.jpg

brinks lullabyIS.jpg

Fair Empress
Faircraft Loynes
3 11 20th April £875 £79

Fair Empress.jpg

fair empressIS.jpg

Gala Girl

4 3 22nd April £371 £124

Gala Girl.jpg

Gala GirlIS.jpg

Brinks Serenade
Barnes Brinkcraft

4 6 22nd April £826 £138



Forth Bridge 2
4 7 23rd April £475 £68

Forth Bridge2.jpg

Forth Bridge2IS.jpg

4 8 23rd April £1070 £134



Summer Horizon
7 5 20th April £400 £80

Summer Horizon.jpg

Summer HorizonIS.jpg


7 6 20th April £680 £113



Broadsman A

7 8 20th April £1476 £184



Brinks Romany 1
Barnes Brinkcraft

7 9 20th April £1012 £112

Brinks Romany.jpg

brinks romany1IS.jpg

Prices shown are the accommodation charges taken from the Hoseasons reservation system, and do not include damage waiver or fuel deposit. Prices are correct at the time of writing but remain subject to change.
Full terms and conditions available on the Hoseasons website
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David Hearn
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This Month's news and features

240 volts onboard
You will come across some boats which state they have a 240 volt supply on-board. Just to clarify, if the boat you are interested in does not have this facility, it does not mean there will be no electric services built in. Boats without 240 volts will still have adequate lighting throughout, the refridgerator will probably be powered by electricity and water is supplied to taps and showers by electric pump. All these services are powered by the batteries which are charged by running the boat engine. Cruising for between 3 and 4 hours a day, depending on consumption can be enough to keep your batteries topped up and the services operating as expected. Many of these boats have a charge socket, similar to the cigar lighter socket in a car, which can be used to charge items such as phones etc, though you would need to bring your own connector.

So why have 240 volts? Well the 240 volts is provided by means of an inverter which converts the 12volts supplied from the batteries to 240 volts, which then allows certain home gadgets to be used onboard. So charging multiple phones, camera batteries as well as powering low wattage items such as hair dryers and games consoles becomes possible. However the inverter usually only produces a low wattage so items such as hair straighteners or electric heaters won't work.

Norfolk Broads City, town and Village lowdown - Neatishead

Rockland Broad

Rockland Staithe can be found at the end of dyke which leads from the River Yare. A short cruise after entering the dyke you come across Rockland Broad, which has to be one of the most scenic stretches of water on the whole system. You will need to keep between the posts which will guide you across the broad towards another dyke which leads to the staithe. This section is quite narrow and you should proceed with care. Eventually it opens out onto the staithe which has free moorings for around 12 to 15 boats. You have plenty of room to turn here which you will need to as moorings are stern on. There are actually two dykes which lead to and from Rockland Staithe. Both take you back out on to the River Yare. Take a look at our village map linked below for full details.

Local Attractions: Rockland Broad is close by and a 10 minute walk through the countryside from the staithe will take you to a bird hide which overlooks the Broad. This is part of the Wherrymans Way which continues on to skirt part of the river Yare right up to the outskirts of Norwich. For more information on the Wherrymans Way and it's associated walks click HERE

Eating and Drinking: The New Inn can be found just across the road from the staithe moorings. The New Inn has a restaurant as well as serving bar food. Occasional live music in the main season.

Other Services: Post Office Stores and Newsagent is a pleasant 30 minute walk from the moorings through the village of Rockland St Mary. Walk up the hill from the moorings. The stores is at the far end of the same road. Water and refuse disposal is available on the right hand bank after passing under the bridge.

TIP: When leaving Rockland Broad travel down the other dyke to that which you used to arrive. Both dykes back to the main river, are different and worth seeing.

For more information and locations consult our Rockland Broad map

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