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Wroxham from the bridge

Norfolk Broads Boat Hire October 2020 Newsletter

Spring Bank Boating Holidays
The summer season is officially over (well, if it wasn't, it will be from Thursday, with the imminent lockdown). Time to think about next year, which is what many people have been doing. Due in part to the many bookings which have been carried over from this summer, and the continued reticence of large numbers of people to trust that the overseas market will have opened by next summer, availability for 2021 is already tight for peak dates and public holidays. Today I'm highlighting Spring Bank Holiday, which usually sells out, being as it's the first public holiday of the summer. If you normally like to get away in late May, please consider making your reservation sooner rather than later or you'll likely be disappointed.
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Boat Name Nights Sleeps Dates Cost Per person Boat images
3 4 29th May £500 £125



San Julian
3 6 28th May £700 £117

San julian

San JulianIS.jpg

3 6 28th May £1413 £235



3 7 28th May £700 £100



San Domingo
4 4 31st May £477 £119

San Domingo.jpg

San DomingoIS.jpg

4 10 31st May £751 £75



Broom Captain
7 4 29th May £1609 £402

Broom Captain.jpg

Broom CaptainIS.jpg

San Remo
7 4 28th May £715 £179

San Remo.jpg

San RemoIS.jpg

Broads Suncharm
7 5 29th May £1107 £221

Broads Suncharm.jpg

Broads SuncharmIS.jpg

Fine Horizon
7 6 29th May £1073 £179

Fine Horizon.jpg

Fine Horizon

Westminster Bridge
7 7 28th May £1519 £217

Westminster Bridge.jpg

Westminster BridgeIS.jpg

7 10 29th May £1073 £107


Finesse IS

Prices shown are the accommodation charges taken from the Hoseasons reservation system, and do not include damage waiver or fuel deposit. Prices are correct at the time of writing but remain subject to change.
Full terms and conditions available on the Hoseasons website
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David Hearn
Newsletter writer
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This Month's news and features

Covid Cancellation protection
Booking so far in advance,, it's wise to know what you're options would be should the virus still be causing chaos next summer (heaven forbid). Hoseasons, our booking agents, have affirmed the following, should the worst happen:

You will be able to choose any one of the following options if we or the accommodation provider cancel your booking, or if you cancel your booking because UK government public health measures mean that it is unlawful to travel to or make use of the boat you booked:

1. A full refund
2. E-voucher to the value paid
3. Transfer to a later date or a different boat

It's good to know you won't be disadvantaged under the circumstances, which is more than can be said for some airline operators, who are still to pay out on booking cancelled this summer.

Norfolk Broads towns and Villages - Wayford Bridge

Wayford Bridge Moorimgs

The River Ant is crossed by a road bridge here. Moorings are available just before the bridge, on your right as you approach from the Barton Broad side. On the far side of the bridge, on the left hand bank are more moorings but an overnight charge is made. The bridge is peculiar in that it sits at a slight angle with the far side actually being higher above water than the Barton Broad side. So as to avoid boats misjudging this and getting stuck under the bridge, a board has been added at the far side to equalise the headroom. So if you can get through from the Barton Broad side, you will be able to return.

Things to do: Banks Boats on the opposite bank offer canoe hire which makes the North Walsham and Dilham Canal accessible to you. This canal forks off to the right once you pass under Wayford Bridge. Powered craft are unable to cruise the canal so you are paddling down an unspoilt, quiet waterway with the opportunity to perhaps see Kingfishers and all manner of waterfowl as well as native insects such as dragonflies and butterflies.

Eating and Drinking: The Wayford Bridge Inn is a large establishment to be found on the banks of the river beyond the bridge. It recently changed hands and is now getting good reviews for its food. It offers a good choice of main meals, daily specials and lite bites.
Vera's Coffee Shop is a concession within Wayford Nurseries. Hot and cold food is on offer together with tea, coffee, cakes and scones.

Other Services: Wayford Nurseries and Farm shop is a 5 to 10 minute walk up the road from the Wayford Bridge Hotel. The farm shop sells all manner of provisions.

For more information and locations consult our Wayford Bridge map

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