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Which type of boat should I hire?

This is an important question and will vary according to your boating experience to date and how many other people you will be sharing the boat with. Take a look at the different types available on the Norfolk Broads below, then decide which style suits your party the best.

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Aft Cockpit

Aft cockpit boats will usually involve a seated area outside the main cabin where the boat is steered from. They always have a canopy that can be raised or lowered according to the weather and to make the boat secure at night. They provide a degree of protection from the weather but are not as draft-proof as other types especially when cruising along out of season. For the same reason, they are ideal boats to cruise on in mid-summer when the weather is more agreeable. Note also that you will need to take the canopies down to pass under any of the low bridges on the Norfolk Broads.

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Dual Steer

Dual steering boats consist of an internal steering point, together with a second helm located usually on the highest part of the boat from where excellent views of the passing countryside are offered. You will see these boats as the very latest designs and they are indeed popular. The "flying bridge" steering position makes these craft easier to control when arriving at or leaving a mooring. Because of their height above water, you would need to carefully time your passage through Great Yarmouth's two low bridges so as to avoid arriving when there is insufficient clearance to cruise through.

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Forward Drive

Forward Drive cruisers are probably the obvious choice for first-time boaters as the front driving position is like driving a car. It is much easier to point the boat through bridges etc when you are seated at the front. These boats are also suited to those who are less able as they are usually flat throughout the interior - no steps. They often incorporate sliding wheelhouses which when open allow open-air cruising and dining. There are also no canopies to lower when approaching low bridges and not as much emphasis has to be made on timing of passage. The only drawback is that you do not get such a good view from being seated at this low level.

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Centre Cockpit

The majority of these boats are for larger parties ranging from 4 to 10 berths. They incorporate a sliding canopy of the steering position which makes for pleasant open-air cruising and dining. They are also more draft-free when they are closed and are therefore more suited to early and late cruising.

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