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The moorings at Reedham The moorings at Reedham

Suggestion for a Norfolk Broads Itinerary
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Three nights route plan starting from Brundall
This itinerary offers the opportunity to get a taste of what the Norfolk Broads southern rivers have to offer,
visiting popular stop off points such as Reedham, Oulton Broad and Loddon.
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Map of Southern Broads rivers
Day 1 Afternoon
Brundall to Reedham
9 Miles
2 hours 15mins cruise time
If starting from Silverline Marine in Brundall, cruise down the narrow dyke, turning left at the junction with the River Yare. If starting from Brooms, leave the moorings heading down-river. The boatyard handover staff will direct you. Pass the two entrances to Rockland Broad and the imposing frame of the Beauchamp Arms public house on your right hand side. A little further on pass the entrance to Langley Dyke, also on your right, before spying the Cantley Sugar Factory, a huge complex which dominates the riverside. The Reedcutters public house can be found just before you encounter the factory, should you need to stop for anything. Continue on past the quayside. Soon after, you will see the sails of Hardley Mill on your right. Click HERE for more information on visitor facilities. After a further cruise, you will see the Reedham Ferry Inn on the left bank, complete with it's unusual chain ferry, which carries vehicles from one side of the river to the other. Care should be taken when passing, as the chains it uses to pull itself across, are clearly visible and just waiting to snag a boat's propeller. Best advice is to wait until it reaches the bank, then pass on by. You can now either moor at the free moorings for customers outside the inn, or continue on to Reedham village quay, which is around 15 minutes cruise away. There are plentiful moorings at either, but be aware of the fairly fast tide which runs here. Be sure to come alongside against the prevailing current so you have more control of your boat, and don't get pushed on to the next boat in front of you. Those mooring at Reedham Quay have the benefit of a daytime ranger in attendance to assist.
Day 2 Morning
Reedham to St Olaves
4.5 Miles
1 hour 15 mins cruise time
Today, you are heading down the River Yare, passing under the railway swing bridge. The running tide will make a difference to how you leave your moorings. You need to leave against the tide, so that the bow (front) of your boat is heading against it, otherwise you run the risk of being pushed by the current into the next boat to you. You may have to turn your boat using the ropes to achieve this. The Reedham Quay Ranger can help you with this, should you have any doubts. Continue on under the bridge. Soon after, the river forks. Take the right hand channel down the New Cut. This is a long straight canal that was built before the railways, to speed the passage of wherry cargo vessels, wanting to avoid Yarmouth and enter the sea via Lowestoft. A high road bridge signals that you are close to the end of the canal, at which point you need to turn left on to the River Waveney. Ahead of you is St Olaves road bridge. Free moorings for patrons are available outside the Bell Inn, reputed to be the oldest inn on the Broads, situated on the right bank just before the bridge. You will need to moor stern on here. Alternatively, pass under the bridge to the local authority moorings, a little further on, also on the right bank, where you can moor alongside. Take care once again to come alongside, facing into the current so as to have more control.
Day 2 Afternoon
St Olaves to Oulton Broad
8.5 Miles
2 hour cruise time
Ensure your boat is facing into the tidal flow (as at Reedham). You may need to turn the boat on it's ropes to achieve this. Then head off in the direction you arrived, passing the junction to the New Cut on your right. After a while you see the moorings for Somerleyton on your left bank, just before Somerleyton railway swing bridge. Check you have enough headroom by examining the gauge at the side of the bridge. Continue on down the River Waveney for some time, before coming across a signposted fork in the river. Take the left hand channel down Oulton Dyke, which leads you on to Oulton Broad, which in effect, is a large lake. Moorings are available at the far end of the Broad, either outside the Wherry Inn, or a little further past to the right, Oulton Broad Yacht Station. Both are stern moor locations.
Day 3 Morning
Oulton Broad to Loddon
15.5 Miles
3hrs 15mins cruise time
You have quite a cruise this morning, so it would be a good idea to leave your moorings a little earlier. Retrace your steps across Oulton Broad, back along Oulton Dyke, passing the junction with the River Waveney on your left bank. Continue on passing under Somerleyton rail swing bridge, and the moorings on your right bank. After a while, you will come across the junction with the New Cut on your left. Take this fork, and continue down the New Cut, turning left where it meets the River Yare. Cruise past the moorings at Reedham Quay and The Reedham Ferry Inn, ensuring you keep away from the ferry if it's crossing. A little further on your left bank you will see the junction with the River Chet, which is signposted to Loddon. Take the left fork, and cruise cautiously down this narrow river. After about an hour you will see the outskirts of Loddon. Free moorings are available either by the green on your left bank, or at the basin further on, which is closer to the town centre, where you are required to moor stern on.
Day 3 Afternoon
Loddon to Surlingham
12 Miles
2 hours 15mins cruise time
It's the last afternoon's cruise of your break which will take you back towards your boatyard. Retrace your steps down the River Chet turning left at the junction with the River Yare. Continue on past the sugar factory at Cantley, the Beauchamp Arms and the two entrances to Rockland Broad on your left hand side. Cruise on through Brundall, passing the site site of your home boatyard. After around 30 minutes you will see the Surlingham Ferry Inn (which doesn't now have a ferry) on the left bank. Moorings are free for patrons. This will be your final overnight stopping point.
Day 4 Morning
Surlingham to Brundall
2 Miles
30 mins cruise time
You need to be back at your home boatyard by 9am to hand the boat back, so ensure you set off with enough time to make this deadline. Brooms are situated on the main river, whereas Silverline Marine are located down the first dyke you come to after Brooms boatyard, on the left bank.

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